Specialist Sheyla Scholl

Specialist Sheyla Scholl grew up in a rural Minnesota town known for its instrumental role in the Bataan Death March. After her father’s tragic passing on the first day of her freshman year of high school, she felt she lacked direction and purpose on where she wanted her life to amount to. Feeling inspired by the people she was surrounded by through volunteering at the local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars post, and the county Veterans Services Office, she enlisted in the Minnesota National Guard in 2015 as a junior.

After being diagnosed with cancer at 19, Specialist Scholl became politically involved and along the way, shared her story of misfortune dealing with the local police when attempting to report her own sexual assault. After five long years of advocacy, she testified in support of Sheyla’s Law. You can read more about it and watch the video on Sheyla’s Law below:

National Guard sex assault bill in Minnesota

What People Say

“Keep sharing your truth; more people will because of your bravery.”

– Anonymous

“Awesome story. Very knowledgeable. I felt the story in my soul.”

– Anonymous

“I really enjoyed your presentation and have a stronger sympathy towards everyone’s problems.”

– Anonymous

Let’s build something together.

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