Addressing Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, & Sexual Assault in the U.S. Military

Shifting the goal from response to prevention by encouraging hard discussions in the formation, going directly to the source: one presentation by a survivor at a time.

About Me

My Impact

My name is Sheyla Scholl. I was sexually assaulted in September 2016 as a junior enlisted soldier in the Minnesota National Guard.

I believe there can be a United States Military without the devastating impact of sexual assault and harassment. My mission is to invest in prevention methods in order to empower the next generation of service members and leaders. I do that, by creating educational presentations hosted by brave survivors and providing relevant and necessary resources at military installations, armories, and training locations.

How You Can Help

Host a Training Event

By hosting a training event on your installation, you can communicate that you are dedicating significant time and effort to challenging the existence of sexual harassment and assault in your formations.

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What People Say

“The way you presented it made seem all the more real. It also made the seemingly, initial “smaller” actions by the perpetrators appear all the more real and devastating in looking at the whole picture. I believe this helps people better understand the importance of respect and boundaries from the outset.”

– Anonymous

“Keep your inspirational sharing of knowledge, awareness and personal experience going, it’s an eye opener and a motivation call to action for victims, justice-motivated personnel and everyone in between.”

– Anonymous

“I was here for your presentation last year and I will say that having those raw messages and photos did a hell of a lot at actually painting the picture as to the type of harassment you had to deal with. You are a very courageous and strong woman and I hope you continue to educate both military and civilians on your story because this is something that happens way too often and we need to do our job to spread awareness in order to prevent SH/SA from happening.”

– Anonymous

“I would never had heard about your law unless we had this training. Not only that, but seeing you be able withstand all of this and raise kids and drill and be active in your community AND go to college gives me hope to be able to withstand what I have been through.”

– Anonymous

“You are brave and courageous to share your story. This was the best SHARP training I have attended. Thank you.”

– Anonymous

“The courage it takes to talk about what happens is a lot, let alone in front of an audience. Thank you. Never give up.”

– Anonymous

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.”

– Anonymous

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With the trauma carried through surviving something like sexual assault, domestic violence, or sexual harassment, speaking out takes immense courage. We need more people willing to come forward to share their unique and individual perspectives on how to tackle this problem.

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